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Membership Benefits

The Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership is a non-profit corporation, the result of a 1988 merger of the former Moshannon Valley Chamber of Commerce and Philipsburg Association of Commerce. It is a voluntary organization working for the improvement of the Moshannon Valley area. The Partnership unites business leaders and government officials to create a working nucleus designed to enhance cooperation and build a better region. The Partnership organizes and directs the efforts of those who believe that a community worth living and working in is a community worth improving. The Partnership enables people to accomplish collectively what none of them could do individually. The strength of the Partnership lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals and firms into the membership. This pooling of resources creates an active membership from which the Partnership can draw ideas, energy, and finances.

The major focus of the Partnership is the economic well-being of the Moshannon
Valley. The Partnership utilizes its unifying influence in working with other organizations and public officials to help all members of the community. Projects have included the renovation of the former General Cigar Plant to establish a 210,000 square foot incubator/multi-tenant space, the creation of the Moshannon Valley Revolving Loan Fund program, Moshannon Valley Enterprise Park, the recruitment of South Hills School of Business & Technology to the area and the Moshannon Valley
Regional Business Park.

The Partnership is funded by its members according to their ability and willingness to pay, and stake in the community. The amount of money the members invest in the
Partnership each year should be considered as an investment in the present and
future of the community. Although the Partnership is a non-profit corporation, it is not tax-exempt and relies on membership dues to find some of the day-to-day  operations. All interested firms and individuals are invited to join and help build a better Moshannon Valley.

Why Support The Partnership

When you become a partner, you're not just joining another organization. You are becoming an important part of a team that is working to improve the Moshannon Valley's economic climate, promoting the area's assets, and meeting the growing needs of today's and tomorrow's employees. Volunteers are actively involve—studying community problems and seeking solutions that will make the Moshannon Valley a better place to live, work, and do business.

What is the Partnership Doing for You?

  • Working hard to assist existing businesses
  • Working hard to help entrepreneurs start new businesses
  • Working hard to attract outside businesses to the region
  • Improving the community by administering Housing Rehabilitation programs on behalf of local municipalities
  • Keeping members abreast of Partnership services and plans through periodic letters, newsletter and luncheons
  • Lobbying state and federal elected officials involved in legislation which affects business profits and local, state and federal business climates
  • Working in partnership with the Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation to enhance downtown Philipsburg

Available Services for Members

  • Receive quarterly newsletters
  • Free advertising in our quarterly news letter
  • Reduced hosting fee for Business After Hours events
  • Reduced fee for attending membership luncheons and/or events
  • Chamber Choice Services
  • OnDemand Energy Solutions Savings Program
  • Free listing in our online business directory
  • Invitation to all annual events
  • Email blasts to chamber members



Membership Application Form

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