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Borough Approves Target Area Expansion

March 22, 2016




Stan LaFuria, Exec. Dir.
Moshannon Valley Econ. Dev. Partnership

Philipsburg Borough Council recently approved an expansion to the target area of the Philipsburg/Rush Township housing rehabilitation program.  At their meeting on Monday, March 21st, council approved expanding the target area to include every neighborhood area within the borough.

Stan LaFuria, Executive Director of the Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership, was present at the meeting to provide a brief presentation regarding the ongoing housing rehabilitation project.  “The MVEDP has received the approval of the PA Department of Community & Economic Development to expand the target area of our housing rehabilitation program to include all areas within the borough,” he said.  “The target area in Rush Township, which includes the North Philipsburg area, will remain the same,” he said.

The purpose behind expanding the target area of current housing rehabilitation program is to generate more interest in the program,” said LaFuria.  “For the past year, applications for housing rehabilitation program assistance have been slow to come in to the office.  Our goal is to assist at least 14 families.  We have the grant funds to spend and we need applicants for the program.  The state is requiring us to have the 14 homes rehabilitated before the end of August,” he said.  Single-family, owner-occupied homes are eligible for the program.

The MVEDP's Philipsburg/Rush Township housing rehabilitation program helps income eligible residents bring their homes up to code.  Roof and furnace replacement, electrical, plumbing, and new doors and windows are typical improvements made by eligible contractors participating in the program.  Funds are not released to contractors until all work has been inspected and approved by the homeowners.

Grants of up to $22,000 can be made available to families that own their homes.  The funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Residents interested in the program should contact Sherrie Beals of the MVEDP at 342-2260.

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